Digitalamd counts on a team of skilled BIM clash detection consultants with extensive experience on a variety of tools. Our team of experts will coordinate various models, from Autodesk, Graphisoft to Bentley file types into fully coordinated BIM for construction models with rich details, as well as clean references and layers.

The experience of our team at Digitalamd paired with the advanced technology of clash detection through Navisworks and Solibri Model Checker will enable inspection, identification, and reporting of any potential interference in a finished 3D model of your project design.

The Navisworks and Solibri Model Checker class detection consultants can use the clash detection software for a completed design and they can also perform ongoing audit checks in project models. Preventing conflicts on a job-site saves money and time.

Navisworks & Solibri Model Checker Clash Detection | Identify Clashes:


Navisworks and Solibri Model Checker Clash Detection Consultants will determine what is needed for your particular project specifications. We understand how imperative accuracy is in the project model stage.

Clash detection can be combined with other Autodesk Navisworks tools to check interferences among any moving objects on a work site.

Navisworks Clash Detection can be paired with TimeLiner software to activate time-sensitive clashes on your project.

Our team at Digitalamd can create custom clash tests in order to test scenarios that are unique to your project.

Reporting functions are also available for your project in the event the project schedule needs to be adjusted – clash detections will prevent costly time clashes on your project.

Save time and money for your project with Digitalamd.